Who are we? What we do?

Founded in 2005, Al Qabas Assurex Co. has become a synonym with conducting business according to all guide lines which over the years have become strictly connected with travel and tourism, products, service providers and perhaps the most recognized is Al Qabas Assurex exclusive Visa Application Center for the Embassies of Germany and Italy in Kuwait.

The Visa Application will be processed according to Embassy directives. Approval and refusal of the Visa is entirely up to the respective Embassy. Al Qabas Assurex or any of its staff members do not have any influence or say in this decision.

What service do we provide?

You may submit Visa Application for Germany and Italy at our center. Contact details and Location (Google map) can be found by clicking Contact Us and Location Map headlines located with in our website.

In this website, information from German and Italian Embassies have been provided to assist in acquiring all the details required to apply for the Visa to Germany and Italy. Please feel free to navigate through our Customer Service and Feedback headlines located in our website, for more assistance please call our call-center Tel. n. 22924444 during our working hours or email us at info@qavisa.com and any of our experienced staff will be more than eager to assist or respond to the enquiry.


Dear Applicants,

Please be informed that Al Qabas has no private messengers outside its premises and is not represented by any external messengers therefore we are not responsible of any Abuse. In order to help us to provide and preserve the high quality of service, kindly inform the management of any eventual usurpation.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Al Qabas Management

عملائنا الكرام,

نود أن نحيطكم علما و ننبهكم أن شركة القبس ليست مسؤولة و ليس لها أي علاقة بالوسطاء الخارجيين اللدين يتعاملون بإسمها. نحن حريصين على تقديم خدمات ذات جودة عالية فلذلك عزيزي العميل, المرجو إبلاغ الإدارة عن أي شخص خارجي يتعامل بإسم القبس.

شاكرين لكم حسن تعاونكم إدارة القبس

AlQabas German Visa News Updates
Dear Applicants,

If you want to apply for a visa for Germany, please do make sure that you apply for the correct visa category:

Category A - Airport Transit Visa

Category C - Schengen visa (short-term visa - for visits/business/medical to Germany of up to 90 days)

Please note that processing of a Schengen visa application may take 3-5 days for Kuwaitis and up to 12 days for other nationalities. The visa application will be processed through the Visa Service Centre Al Qabas Assurex. It is not possible to expedite the visa processing.

Category D - National visa (long-term visa - stay over 90 days, e.g. for studies, work permit, family reunion, long-term medical in Germany) Please note that processing of a National visa application may take several weeks. The application needs to be filed directly at the German Embassy.”

Dear Applicants,

Those who have a student visa type from countries like UK, USA, and IRELAND etc. and currently holding the student visa needs to apply for visa from the country of residence and not country of origin.

For example a Kuwaiti student is studying is USA he needs to apply for German visa from USA his country of residence and not his country of origin i.e. Kuwait.


Thanks for Understanding,

Al Qabas Assurex Management

  • Dear Applicant's,
    Visa Applications may be submitted earliest 3 months prior to the intended date of travel.
    Each applicant must take individual appointment.
    Tuesday 14, April , 2015