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Al Qabas Assurex was established in the year 2005 to handle the non judgmental Consular Services of the Embassies of the World. It became the pioneer to introduce this business in Kuwait by being appointed by the Embassies of France (01 April 2006 to 27 August 2012), Italy (25th June 2008) and Germany (28th April 2011) to be the only Company to accept short term visa applications on their behalf.

Al Qabas is centrally located on the mezzanine floor (M3) of one of the high rise buildings of Kuwait, Al Babteen. Being in close proximity to Alamery Hospital, Sharq, it is easily accessible from all transport hubs and has ample parking space in and around the Complex. There are separate set of elevators that reach the mezzanine thus escaping the rush of those wishing to reach the other floors in the tower.

Al Qabas has been appointed to accept Tourist, Business, Transit and Medical visa applications on behalf of the German and Italian Embassies and to hand over the passports to applicants that have been returned by the respected Embassies.

The decision to grant or reject a visa is at the sole discretion of the Embassy and none of the staff employed in Al Qabas has any authority to influence the same.